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Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is an important reminder for all families regarding the horrific situation that has emerged in Bondi Junction.

As the events that have taken place are being actively reported and will be for a period of time, for us as adults they are so challenging to comprehend, but even more-so they will be confronting for students.

As these events are being regularly shown, discussed and analysed on regular media like TV and radio news and other news based programs such as morning shows during the week, please be very vigilant about what information your child is accessing either directly or indirectly such as discussing events with other adults where children can hear.

When these types of events take place, unfortunately they are now captured in real time and will be broadcast far and wide, especially by sites on the internet and particularly via social media platforms. Users of all major platforms such as Facebook, X, Tik Tok, Youtube are currently reporting graphic images appearing in their feeds.

Again, if your students are using social media underage, this is a very good reason again to remove their accounts as it's not a point of if, but when, your students may come across extreme images or video of the event that took place. As a result, this event may adversely affect some children for many years to come, emphasising the importance of understanding the signs of trauma.

As always it is advised that any use of the internet at home is closely observed and monitored by all parents at all times so you can be close by if you need to support your child if they come across disturbing content related to the event. It is always advisable to seek medical or professional help, should you have any concerns for your child’s wellbeing.

We pray for those impacted and the families of all involved.


Glenn McMahon