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We will be supported in this program by well known child Clinical Psychologist and Psychologist, Andrew Fuller. The basis of the program will be the development of Executive Functioning Skills as described by Andrew as ‘The Big 6’

  • Knowing Your Learning Strengths
    being aware of the way in which you are smart helps you to create success in life

  • Impulse control
    this is pause button of life & allows us to think before we act

  • Planning and decision making
    constructing plans & implementing them

  • Concentration
    directing attention & focusing on the important aspects of an issue

  • Memory
    remembering information such as the steps in solving a mathematical problem

  • Emotional Regulation
    settling yourself when upset & calming yourself when stressed

Staff will participate in a PD session on April 27th 2022 and parents are invited to participate in a Zoom information session.

There will then be a series of activities that can be done at home and school over Term 2 to help support the development of these essential and important Executive Function skills for students.